How to deal with dog fights?

It is not surprising that Illustration : "Comment gérer une bagarre entre chiens ?" and

witnessed the fight between dogs. When two dogs fight, you may be moved or even scared by such a performance, especially when one of them is just yourself. If they were all, the situation would be even worse. How to deal with this situation?


understand the conflict between dogs and its causes. Can you avoid fighting? Skills for ending the battle of

a person is not only afraid of the outbreak of this violence, but also uneasy because he doesn’t know how to end it, afraid of the consequences (injury, etc.), but also lost his way, because you may feel that you don’t recognize your own animal. He is usually gentle and affectionate. Sometimes he may be a little grumpy, but there is no malice. He seems to have completely changed: his hairy hair, his body completely contracted, swaying in all directions, sharp teeth protruding, haggard eyes, muttering cold blood.

nevertheless, We must remain calm in order to respond effectively and stop confrontation. But before that, it is important to know why two dogs confront each other in such a cruel and sometimes bloody way.

understands the conflict between dogs and its causes.

has several factors that contribute to the fight between dogs: competition for food, toys, Challenging the status of others, feeling put in danger, etc., but there are deeper reasons, which can be traced back to the early stage of animal life and its education.


are not socialized or of poor quality, which are largely involved Develop aggressive behavior in dogs. He retired from his mother and siblings prematurely, so he didn’t have time to learn how to interact with others and understand that others can’t tolerate pushing or biting.

is a low-quality education that doesn’t allow him to know the limits that should not be exceeded, Coupled with abuse, you will eventually get a violent existence. He can only communicate with people around him through aggressive behavior, whether peers, other animals or humans.

that’s why it’s so important to ensure that dogs spend as much time with their biological families as possible and then have the opportunity to meet other dogs, Other species, and humans of all ages. In this way, it is not so easy for him to use his fangs under the slightest alarm. Remember, it’s best to meet less, but the quality is always good, not too many uncertain, cruel and incoherent dates.

can you avoid fighting?

in some cases, fighting is mainly regarded as a game by both sides. Especially in most cases, fighting will not cause serious injury. Of course, the situation of dogs with behavior problems is different.


fights are sometimes predictable. There are always more or less the same rituals between the two dogs.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for my newsletter. Woopets collects your email address so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about phase I threats. Dogs measure themselves from far away. Everyone is defending their position. If one of them gives in, there’s nothing else. The second stage is called aggression. The two dogs attacked each other. Our primary goal is to intimidate people who are regarded as competitors. The third and final so-called appeasement stage. It is not uncommon for dogs to lick each other’s nose after a fight.

if you feel nervous, separate the twoNS upstream. In this way, you can avoid any potential conflict. If your dog is properly educated, such as mastering reminders, it will be a good tone. In this way, you can order him to join you, so that he will not show his provocative behavior and cause aggression from his peers.

if an object, a kind of food, is the root of the conflict. Take it away from the eyes of both dogs.

anyway, it’s important to be calm in front of your dog. You control the situation and pass this calm on to your pet.

suggestions for ending the fight

when fighting between dogs, the first advice to follow is not to panic and stay calm.

obviously, When you face two completely out of control dogs and just want to get rid of the other, it’s easier said than done. However, only by being as calm as possible can the deterioration of the situation be avoided. It’s no use shouting wrong, just the opposite. In some cases, giving a dog a clear, clear “stop” or “stop” may be effective, but this is not common, even if he is well-educated. In fact, he is so obsessed with fighting that he is almost insensitive to the stimuli around him.


have another mistake, especially not to make: put yourself between two dogs. Anything close to him is likely to be hit by fangs, including hands and legs.

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the best way to prevent a fight is for each owner to pull the dog in a ring with his hind legs. Dogs should not be caught by necklaces or tails.

if there is a conflict at home, the best way is to cover the two dogs with blankets. This will make them blind and lose their way for a while. In most cases, they won’t start fighting again after that.

finally, spraying water on dogs is another good way to stop fighting. One last thing, after the fight, you should think about what happened. This will be the best way to avoid another battle because it allows upstream work. “

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