Surprised by a strange noise coming from a garden, a delivery man stops his tour to try to save a drowning dog

While making deliveries, an Amazon employee realized that a dog was at risk of drowning in the swimming pool of a house he was walking past. Without asking any questions, the young man jumped into the water to save him.

John Cassabria , 24, works as a delivery man at Amazon . He is also a great lover of animals , with which he grew up. He currently has 4 dogs , as many cats and a snake . So when he realized that a 14-year-old Siberian Husky was in danger , he didn’t hesitate to come to his aid , as reported by CNN .

His heroic intervention took place last month in Woburn , Massachusetts. He was making his rounds to deliver parcels as usual, but took the wrong route. He then stopped for a moment to consult his GPS. It was there that he heard noises coming from the fenced garden of a house. He went to take a look, noticing that Luka , the dog in question, was struggling in the pool . The animal struggled to keep its head above the water and was in danger of drowning at any time.

John Cassabria immediately decided to jump over the fence and dove into the pool, fully clothed . He was able to get the Husky out of the water and save it . He then called the local police and luckily the Woburn Police Animal Control Officer lives in the neighborhood and therefore knows the owners very well.

The latter had left for the weekend . They had asked a neighbor to take care of Luka during their absence. The dog lacked nothing, but had managed to get to the courtyard where the swimming pool is located while his mistress had closed the gate giving access to it. Until then, the senior doggie had never been able to jump over it.

The owner of the quadruped had John Cassabria on the phone to thank him . She also sent an email to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, to inform one of his employees had saved his dog.

The company has spoken about it via its Facebook page:

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