Jealous of the arrival of a puppy in his family, this Great Dane has a hilarious way to capture his mom’s attention

This young woman had 2 dogs and decided to adopt a 3 e, much younger. One of the adult canines, a Great Dane, reacted in a funny way to the arrival of the puppy. Envious seeing the attention his mother gives to him, he makes her understand that he too would like to receive his share of tenderness.

The temperament of the Great Dane contrasts with its physical appearance. This very large dog is a gentle giant . He is sensitive and sometimes gives the impression of not being aware of his strength. Extremely attached to his master, he is fond of the latter’s hugs.

While she carries the puppy and the pamper, the Great Dane stands on her hind legs and places the front ones on the arm, then the shoulder of her mistress, who seems to suffer a little from her weight. This is understandable, knowing that a dog of this breed can weigh up to 70 kg . He too would like to be cuddled by her, who tries to reassure him several times by telling him that she loves him too .

A dog e 3 is also present, one can also see it at the beginning of the video, but it is more discreet than its congener.

A scene that reminds us that the cohabitation between an adult dog and a puppy must be duly prepared.

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