Fear of other dogs

Illustration : "La peur des autres chiens"

when we observe the owner walking his dog in the street or park, we often see that some of them always try to hide when the same kind approaches. Fear of other dogs usually originates in the first few weeks of animal life and is not inevitable. The dog in the first parade feels threatened, but most importantly, how to help him rebuild his trust in his peers?

over time, some dogs will have real fear of their own kind. How many owners will shout: “Why are my dogs afraid of other dogs?” In most cases, this is due to childhood trauma.


fear that other people’s dogs begin to run away. Sometimes he even becomes aggressive. It is not irreversible that dogs fear the behavior of their own kind. They can ease through long-term work to restore confidence and understand that other dogs are not a threat.

is not socialized enough.

one of the main reasons for the fear of other dogs is premature weaning. The first step in animal socialization occurs in the first few weeks after birth. This period is characterized by the ubiquity of bitches and other pups. Then, the dog learns the basic driving rules with his brothers, sisters and mother. He understands the feeling of being bitten or bitten, and obtains the basic knowledge of hierarchy and general social interaction.


are separated from their families prematurely, and the puppy is deprived of all these learning, so it may develop various behavioral disorders. When animals grow up, these are difficult to correct.


unpleasant or traumatic experiences can also make dogs afraid of their own species, even if they come from individuals of other species.

A dog abused by humans is likely to start to fear other dogs. A bitch has a particularly painful protrusion attempt, and it is possible to escape her kind later.

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and is afraid that other dogs representing its species or any other element will mainly seek to escape what it considers a threat. If he is outside, he will try to hide between his master’s legs. If he is inside, he will hide under the furniture.

if he finds himself trapped and has no chance to escape, his only choice is aggression. The frightened dog feels trapped and has to bite his peers.

is likely to have an accident, whether it is running away (such as being hit by a car) or when the dog tries to defend itself.

is not necessarily

Some owners’ dogs are afraid that when they face other dogs, they will often drown under touching. This is a mistake because this behavior confirms the dog’s belief that he is threatened and afraid is right.

others try to solve this problem by facing them cruelly. They force them to meet other dogs or evolve into their own kindRes is abundant. Similarly, this is a counterproductive attitude, which will only aggravate stress and trauma. How does

help him rebuild his trust in his peers? On the contrary,

should be a neutral attitude: when a dog approaches it, the best thing to do is to act as quietly as possible. Dogs feel the uneasiness and pressure of their owners, just as they feel calm.


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, and then desensitize animals by fighting with small doses of similar animals. In order to do this, it is best to get along with other owners, who have calm and tolerant dogs. First, you ask your dog to observe another dog from a distance, and then gradually reduce the distance between them during several treatments.

the next step is to connect positive feelings with unpleasant situations: play with him, give him some candy, In a place frequented by other dogs,


bit by bit, dogs will get used to the existence of homologues and their fear will be greatly reduced. The most important thing is to carefully observe the reaction of each stage, don’t let any stage burn, let it move forward at its own speed. “

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