Veterinarians take care of an abandoned puppy in a park. Disabled and sick, he has to learn everything again!

Goldie had known only isolation and confinement in a narrow cage since birth. Despite what she went through, she can now hope to lead a normal life thanks to the specialists mobilized around her.

A female puppy by the name of Goldie was discovered abandoned in a park in Florida. The person who found him then took refuge at Good Karma Pet Rescue, located in Fort Lauderdale, as reported WSVN.

The young dog was in very bad shape, and for good reason; her former owner kept her in a narrow cage at all times. He neglected her and starved her . And to top it off, he had cut off her tail . As a result, Goldie had a deformed spine and could not walk .

In addition, she had no interaction with her congeners. She didn’t even have the opportunity to play like all puppies. Her master was not stimulating her in any way.

The Good Karma Pet Rescue team called on Kyle Krupa , physiotherapist at the Athletix Rehab Recovery center . They set up a rehabilitation and re-education program for the little dog, hoping to help her regain strength and mobility .

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Exchanges with members of his new family allow him to catch up on his socialization gap.

Good Karma Pet Rescue volunteers, Kyle Krupa and the people who house him are sure; Goldie is on the right track and will eventually regain all of her abilities, to lead the happy life she so deserves.


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