United States: After the bite affair and the expulsion of President Joe Biden’s dog, “Major” will make his return to the White House

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden / Instagram

Field and Major will not be expelled from the White House. The US president himself assured that their return to the family home in Delaware was only temporary and had nothing to do with the bite incident related to the youngest of the canids.”

Major is currently taking classes with a dog trainer and will soon return to the White House, just like Champ, as ABC News reported on Thursday, March 18.”

In a recent interview with the American channel, Joe Biden explained that the youngest of his 2 German Shepherds, whom he described as a gentle dog, was not expelled from the presidential residence. Nor is he, who would not be involved in any accident of this kind.”

The President of the United States has returned to the incident in which Major had bitten one or more staff members of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The canid would have been surprised to meet 2 people he did not know at all and let his protective instinct express himself.”

85% of people in the White House love Major, who will return to the White House, just as Field

Joe Biden assures 85% of people in the White House love the 3-year-old dog, adopted from a shelter. He and Champ were sent to the family estate in Wilmington, Delaware, for a completely different reason, he said. I didn’t ban him and take him home. Jill [his wife] was going to be on the move for 4 days and me for 2 days.”

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Major is following canine training sessions, according to his master. For his part, Jen Psaki, spokesman for the presidency, confirmed the upcoming return of the 2 dogs to the White House, without specifying the date.”

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