A 3-year-old child seriously bitten in the face by a dog in Belfort

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A little boy was bitten in the face by a dog who was lying in the street in Belfort. Suffering on the lips and nose, the child was transported by helicopter to hospital. As for the dog, it was impounded, and its owner heard by the police before being released.

An incident involving a child and a dog and resulting in a bite occurred last weekend in Belfort (90), as reported by L’Est Républicain .

The informant took place last Saturday (February 8, 2020), around 6:40 p.m. Accompanied by his mother, a 3-year-old boy was leaving a store located on avenue Capitaine de la Laurencie , in the Glacis du Château district , when he saw a dog lying not far from there.

He then approached the quadruped and touched it at the rear end, according to several testimonies. Obviously surprised , the animal suddenly turned and bit the boy in the face , seriously injuring his lips and nose .

Lesions which required its transport by helicopter to the Regional University Hospital of Besançon (25) from the Serzian stadium, where the aircraft landed to embark the child who had been taken care of by the firefighters .

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The dog, a Labrador Retriever , was impounded . He will stay there until the end of the investigation. For its part, its owner, a 51-year-old man, was taken into custody at the police station, before being released . For the moment, no legal action has been taken against him.

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