Sick, Dawson does not expect support from anyone except his dog!

After catching a severe flu, the little boy Dawson lost interest in everyone. Feeling very uncomfortable, he wouldn’t let anyone near him except his adopted older brother, a Pitbull named Riddick.

From an early age, young Dawson found himself surrounded by 2 Pitbulls , Riddick and Cambria . They took care of the little boy and ran to his aid whenever he woke up and started to cry .

The nature of this special relationship was confirmed when Dawson fell ill with a severe flu. He still felt uncomfortable and couldn’t stand anyone. However, the only one he accepted was Riddick . Weakened by fever, Dawson crawled to the beanbag where the dog used to sleep, climbed on it, lay down and snuggled up against Riddick to fall asleep next to him . The latter spent hours without moving so as not to wake his little brother. He seemed to be sensing her discomfort and just wanted to help her get better .

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Riddick had been adopted by the family in August 2015 after being rescued from the street by the Association Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, neat and proposed for adoption. Having seen his photos on social networks, Bryan Junior and his wife had directly known that he would have his full place in their small family.


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