By taking part in a run, this dog had no idea that she was going to change her life for the better!

Sometimes life gives us the opportunity to force our destiny. Max the dog did not miss this opportunity when it presented itself. However, at the start, he just thought he was having fun with runners he had met by chance …

Not far from Dunn , North Carolina, a charity marathon took place last December.

Max , a Pitbull crusader, was leisurely strolling down the road when a group of race participants passed him. The dog then started running alongside them and jumping happily. “ We all thought it belonged to someone, ” recalls Charles Aker , one of those runners, when he gave his story to The Dodo .

Max accompanied them for a distance of 16 km, then joined other runners with whom he covered an additional 8 km.

When Charles Akers crossed the finish line, he was surprised to see the dog again. The animal had climbed into the back of a van and vigorously wagged its tail , delighted that he was to meet so many people and to have exerted himself by their side.

Charles Akers then called his wife to come pick him up and take him to the vet . He discovered that he was wearing an identification chip . The owners were contacted, but they did not seem in a rush to get it back. They even made it clear that they didn’t want it anymore

Very disappointed, Charles Akers and his marathon friends posted posts about Max on social networks. He couldn’t keep it, since he and his wife already had 3 dogs and a cat . So he reluctantly resigned himself to dropping him off at the Wake County shelter , where it turned out that the Pitbull crusader had previously stayed after a first abandonment . He continued to post ads in the hope of finding her a family . His determination finally paid off.

Chad Duffy and his wife, who had just lost their dog , were looking to adopt another one. This couple of triathletes wanted a sporty and gentle animal with their daughter . Max had precisely this profile . As soon as Chad Duffy heard about him, he rushed to meet him at the shelter, accompanied by his wife and their child. And it was love at first sight .

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The adoption was finalized and Max joined his new home . Since then, he has been doing the kilometers every day with his tireless dad …


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