This dog loves playing on the slide so much that he leaves a crumb for the children who are waiting their turn

Berta the dog loves skiing. So that, as soon as she finds a slide in a park, she literally monopolizes it and has to make the children wait. But the latter are generally delighted to see her having fun.

At the beginning of January, a woman by the name of Anabela Cohen and living in Argentina, went to a park not far from her home with her son. That day, they witnessed a scene as unusual as it is touching , as The Dodo recounts. The mother also had the good idea to film it with her smartphone and post the video on Facebook.

The animal is first held by its young mistress at the top. This one slides first to descend, then the merry quadruped follows it . Then he decides to repeat the exercise, but on his own . He climbs the ladder at full speed, then slips down to the bottom, obviously having a lot of fun . This can be heard very clearly, since he utters little cries of excitement. All under the amused eyes of the children around him who don’t even blame him for monopolizing the game .

While inquiring, Anabela Cohen learned that it was, in fact, a female and that her name is Berta .

In addition, another Facebook video, posted by a woman named Silvina de Alvarez , proves that Berta is used to this kind of activity. Here again, it is her mistress who guides her, before letting her do it.

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