In Jordan, mentalities are changing towards dogs

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Relayed on the Le Point website, an AFP article reports on the change in mentalities that is currently taking place in Jordan concerning pets. A trend that is observed especially in Amman, the capital. More and more Jordanians are owning dogs and spending fortunes on proper care. Mentalities are also changing towards stray animals

Despite the high cost of living , the number of Jordanians living with dogs is on the rise . And they do not hesitate to put their hands in their pockets so that their 4-legged companions lack nothing and be happy.

The article cites the emergence of establishments specially designed for dogs, cats and other pets, such as the Pet Zone hotel . In addition to animal accommodation, it offers dog training and grooming services , while offering owners the possibility of monitoring their dogs 24 hours a day using cameras .

Teachers also have to deal with the high costs associated with health . “ Medical care is very expensive because of the cost of equipment, it’s still something new in the community ,” confirms Alaa Chehadeh , director of the Vetzone veterinary clinic.

There is also growing concern about the fate of stray dogs . Facebook groups are created to help them, find foster or adoption families .

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However, other animals continue to be neglected and even abused , such as camels and donkeys . The authorities are trying to follow the trend by changing the laws , but there is still a long way to go to stop these malicious acts.

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