A dog injured by a monitor lizard while trying to protect his owners

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In Australia, a monitor lizard inflicted severe injuries on a dog, which nevertheless survived the attack. The masters of the quadruped were also injured while defending it. The man and his wife were urgently hospitalized.

There are dozens of species of monitor lizards in Australia. These large lizards can measure between 1 and 2 meters and weigh 3 or 4 kg . Above all, they possess powerful jaws with sharp teeth , as well as equally sharp claws . Bites and paws from these carnivorous saurians can inflict serious injury .

It was the terrifying experience that a dog and her owners had on Thursday evening (August 16) in Flametree , in the state of Queensland in Australia. Lily , a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier cross, had come across one of these formidable reptiles, which did not spare her. The bitch’s owners , a 72-year-old man and his wife in her sixties, immediately came to her aid, but they were attacked by the monitor in turn, ABC reports.

The dog miraculously survived her injuries, although initially considered serious. A stroke of luck, because the lizard was quite capable of killing her . Its owner suffered from lacerations in the leg which caused a severe hemorrhage , as well as a fracture to the right forearm. He was transported by helicopter to Mackay Hospital for emergency surgery. His wife, injured in the foot but less severely, was admitted to Proserpine Hospital.

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Lily (left) miraculously survived the monitor lizard attack (ABC)

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