Bitten by a snake while walking her dog, a forty-something hospitalized!

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In the Yvelines, a forty-something was bitten by a snake while walking her dog. She had to be hospitalized because her arm had swelled.

While walking her dog last Thursday (April 23, 2020), a resident of Issou , in the Yvelines, had a very bad meeting, as reported by 24Matins .

Alexandra , 41, says that during the walk, she stopped briefly to give her pet a drink and sat in the tall grass bordering the field. It was there that she felt a sudden, strong pain in her forearm, where she noticed a spot of blood . Believing at first to have been stung by a wasp, she then saw the snake move in the vegetation.

Back home, she passed her neighbor who called for help after seeing that her arm was starting to swell . The firefighters quickly took charge of her, transporting her, at first, to the hospital of Mantes-la-Jolie where there was no room, then to the intensive care unit of the hospital of Meulan .

The next day, Friday, Alexandra’s arm was still swelling and the pain reached up to her shoulder. It wasn’t until Saturday that he started to deflate , but she remained in the hospital so that doctors could monitor her condition.

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In addition, she indicated that she would contact the town hall of Issou to inform them of the incident and ask them to put up a sign in the area to urge people to be careful. The snake could have bit his dog with even more serious consequences.

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