Put his dog in a beauty contest

Illustration : "Inscrire son chien à un concours de beauté"

is your recognized breed (LOF) dog particularly outstanding? Do you think he should get such recognition and get a famous pedigree, which will make him a famous dog? Don’t hesitate to register for many existing dog beauty competitions in the world. Our suggestion.

summary what is the

beauty contest? What are the rewards for preparing for the competition and signing up for the competition? In short, what is a beauty contest?

has its own competition and rules in each country. The national canine Science Association examines these very popular competitions. The beauty contest is a one-on-one test for each dog of age and sex. Judges are examining animals to make sure they are close to the standards of their species. The latter is qualified (excellent, good, inadequate…). As the dog evolves, it can change its level according to its ability. National and international champions are possible, and the purpose is to enable the organizers of these competitions to continuously improve the quality of the competition.

competition preparation

it is best to prepare your pet before participating in any beauty contest called “exhibition”. The competition starts with a competition.

as the name suggests, the beauty contest is based on your dog’s reputation. Before any presentation, it must be thoroughly combed. Her hair must be silky and beautifully brushed. The contour of eyes, nose and legs shall not have any defects. Be careful not to use tricks to change the dog’s clothes. In general, a thorough grooming is ideal a few days before the race (rather than the day before). During the race, you must take care of your dog, brush your teeth regularly to avoid knots, and give him water and food to reduce his stress. Therefore, on the day of the exhibition, you need a blanket, a bowl and complete toiletries. On race day, your dog must be able to stay upright and as still as possible. The jury can conduct a comprehensive review without difficulty. Your dog must be able to walk on a belt, regardless of your gait. The registration date of the

competition can be obtained directly from the central canine science society or through professional journals.

Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more “kdsp” registration usually takes place a few weeks in advance. You need to return to the form. You will be required to pay the entry fee. You also need to inform your dog’s class. There are several types:

refers to the male open class (COM) or female open class (COF) open to dogs more than 15 months old at the International Expo. In some countries, the age of exhibitions has been reduced to 12 months. Intermediate class. Work level, applicable to dogs with CSC work level certification. This course is awarded with standard certificate of competency (CACS) and international beauty Championship (cacib) competency certificate. Champion, only national champion dogs. Puppy class, suitable for dogs aged 9 to 18 months, is eligible for excellent qualification. What reward? Like any game, the goal of

is to win the game. The exhibition can provide championship titles for your dog. Therefore, he can be considered excellent, very good, good and quite good. “

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