Animo an activity tracker to track your dog’s behavior and health

Illustration : "Animo : un traqueur d’activités pour suivre le comportement et la santé de votre chien"

Activity trackers for pets, there are more and more of them today. But not all of them ensure the behavioral follow-up of the dog as Animo does. The device sends an alert whenever your 4-legged friend has an unusual attitude, such as frequent barking.”

Designers of high-tech accessories for pets are constantly offering new products to facilitate their follow-up by their owners. With Animo, the Sure Petcare brand goes further by offering not only the opportunity to know the activity of your dog, but also his behavior. A little gem of practical and useful technology on a daily basis, a real complement to the care to be given to his companion.”

Animo is therefore a tracker of canine activities that comes in the form of a small box to attach to the dog’s collar. Lightweight, since it weighs only 22 grams, it does not cause any discomfort for the animal, which can also evolve everywhere with; the device is water resistant, meeting the IP67 standard. All with a battery life of 6 months thanks to a flat battery power supply.”

The Animo dog tracker relies on Bluetooth connectivity and works with the Sure Petcare – Animo app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. The set collects valuable information about the dog’s exercise, such as activity time and calories burned.”

It also reports on the quality of quadruped sleep, rest times and behavioral changes. For example, if the dog scratches, barks or shakes more than usual, an alert is sent to his master’s smartphone.”

In fact, the data collected as and when are compared to the reference data, recorded during the first week of use.”

Animo is available on the Sure Petcare website for 75 euros.”

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