(Video) Freed by the hand of a police officer, this dog has an amazing reaction!

In Chile, a young dog was rescued by a Chilean Carabinieri policeman, when he was in a bad position. Lonely in the courtyard of his house, he was trapped by a piece of cloth, perhaps emanating from a parasol. Impossible to disentangle itself from it. Fortunately, the help of the policeman saved him, and the dog’s reaction was beautiful to see!

The video posted by Les Carabiniers du Chili on Monday March 4 is touching and once again shows all the kindness of men . The kindness, too, of the police who never hesitate to help their neighbor, even if the latter is not a human being.

In Chile , Giovanni Domke, a policeman belonging to this military-police institution created in 1927, was called by people, neighbors of a house where the owners were apparently absent. Not that a burglary was noticed, but it was a question of coming to save the dog of the hearth. The canine squeaked incessantly. It was tangled in a fabric meant to protect from the sun . Alone in his courtyard, he tried in vain to get away from it all .

Mistrust before a huge hug!

That’s where Giovanni came in . After crossing the barrier separating the yard from the house from the street, the policeman slowly approached a dog who was initially suspicious . Moreover, his first attempts to cut the piece of fabric were delicate, because the animal, far from being reassured, did not let it go .

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It took more to make man lose patience . The latter succeeded in his mission. He delivered the dog who, as a reward , endowed him with unspeakable tenderness . In a post on Facebook, Les Carabiniers du Chili claimed to be “where we are needed most ”. The 500,000 views, 9,000 shares and 500 comments, all intended to thank this gesture, are the greatest reward.


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