How do you know if your dog is pregnant?

It is not always easy to distinguish whether your dog is pregnant or not. Dogs can be discreet, but there are little signs that are beyond doubt. Between mating and childbirth, you can usually count between 61 and 65 days.

In small breeds, the female bear from 1 to 4 puppies while for large breeds range offers between 8 and 12 smaller on average. So how do you recognize a pregnant bitch ? And above all, what are the physical signals of a bitch in full pregnancy?

How to recognize a pregnant bitch?

The first signals of a bitch during pregnancy are:

  • At the start of gestation, some bitches may experience a loss of appetite or lose interest in their meal. It will therefore be necessary to adapt your diet accordingly.
  • The bitch’s teats swell due to the increased blood flow to the udders.
  • About a month after mating, you should have a vaginal discharge .
  • A small period of depression can also be felt
  • Before giving birth, the bitch will begin to show signs of nesting , scratching the ground or her basket.

What are the veterinary checks to diagnose the pregnancy of a bitch?

If you’ve spotted a few of these signals, see your vet to confirm your suspicions. Several examinations can then be given to him.

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To know if your dog is expecting young, the common method is ultrasound . You can use it from 28 days of gestation. But be careful, it does not tell you the exact number of puppies present in your bitch’s belly. Finally, you also have the very reliable ultrasound test which will also tell you if your dog is pregnant.

Here are the different steps and possible veterinary checks:

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  • From day 21, precise palpation of the abdomen can be performed. This task is difficult if the bitch is nervous or slightly overweight.
  • Between 21 and 25 days, tests exist to detect relaxin , a hormone secreted by the female during gestation.
  • From the 25th day of gestation, you can spot the beating of the heart with a stethoscope. However, you will not be able to distinguish the exact number of puppies.
  • After 45 days, it is possible to visualize the fetal skeletons and see precisely the number of puppies . For this you will need to have an x-ray . But this method carries risks because of the X-rays .

In any case, ask your veterinarian for advice and permanent monitoring for your bitch during the gestation period. </p

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