In Mexico, these schoolchildren make doghouses for stray dogs from scavenged materials

In a school in Guadalupe, around thirty students and their teachers dedicated themselves to a project with two objectives: to provide shelter for street dogs and to recycle unused materials.

70% of the dog population in Mexico is thought to be stray dogs . For a group of 35 students and their teachers at the Instituto Educativo de Zacatecas , who were thinking together about a project likely to have an impact on society, this alarming finding sounded obvious. It is on this problem that the members of the elementary school located in Guadalupe (Mexico) were going to concentrate their efforts. Their idea: to make niches for these street quadrupeds, to allow them to protect themselves from the rain, the cold and the sun .

There was, however, an important instruction to respect: to use, for the design of these shelters, only salvaged materials found at home. The schoolchildren therefore gathered a jumble of plastic items, wooden planks, bottles, pieces of sheet metal, cardboard or even unused fabrics. And from these objects, they managed to build dog houses that are just as colorful and creative as each other. Niches of all shapes , sizes and with various functions (porch, terrace, etc.) have thus been created by children.

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They were then given to the Albergues Lazos Caninos refuge , which operates in this town in the state of Zacatecas, but also to Enrique Estrada and Calera . Photos showing students’ accomplishments and posted on the school’s Facebook page have gone viral. Everyone hopes that this kind of initiative will encourage other people or establishments to do the same to improve the daily life of abandoned dogs .


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