A dog disappears after following hikers. His worried owner is looking for him for a week

Edinburgh Live

Almost a week after her disappearance, a dog was eventually found nearly 20 kilometers from her home after a major mobilization in the field and on social networks. The animal’s family blames hikers for luring her and letting them accompany them.

Susie Clark and her daughter Katie are relieved to have found Lily , but they do not understand the attitude of the hiking couple who had lured her away from home and thus caused her disappearance, reported Edinburgh Live on July 19.

A week earlier, on Tuesday July 13, the female English Cocker Spaniel was on the family property located in the heights of the Midlothian region of Scotland. The hiking duo stopped when they saw her to stroke her. They then left and Lily followed them, although she was not used to doing so.

Edinburgh Live

Instead of preventing her, they let her accompany them for several kilometers, leading her to the highest mountain peaks in the area, in a particularly inhospitable area. It was there that they lost sight of it, before continuing their hike without worrying too much about its fate, or the anguish of its owners.

The Clarkes started the search as soon as they found out about Lily’s disappearance. About twenty people took part. Drones and quads were deployed, but the dog could not be found.

Lily slightly emaciated, but safe and sound

It was only several days later, on Saturday morning July 17, that she was finally spotted. It was on a golf course in Innerleithen , about 20 kilometers from the family farm. A person who saw the research notice concerning her on social networks recognized her and contacted her masters.

Lily had lost weight, but was doing well. She resumed her life at home as if nothing had happened.

Edinburgh Live

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The Clarkes have witnessed more than one act of incivility around their farm, between visitors parking their vehicles in front of their gates or others leaving garbage. However, they were far from expecting their dog to be a victim. “ We still don’t understand why the hikers let him walk 5 kilometers with them, rather than turn around, ” says Katie , 21.

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