Stop his dog from begging.

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Tip 1: never give anything at the table tip 2: don’t respond to requests for attention tip 3: learn to enter the shopping cart When you eat, can’t you stand his strong demand for food anymore?

here are five suggestions for you, which should be applied every day to prevent your dog from begging.

suggestion 1: never give anything on the

table. It sounds obvious, but, Many people complain that their dogs beg at the table, especially those who occasionally admit to feeding their dogs.


are obviously nonsense and inconsistent. Why does your dog stop begging? If sometimes, when you are in a good mood, or when he tries to appease you with his eyes, he will successfully


, so that your dog can learn not to beg anymore, It is important that all family members respect this: when you are at the table or when the dog asks for food, don’t give him anything.

suggestion 2: Generally speaking, don’t respond to the attention requests of

, especially when the dog asks, Your dog must understand that it cannot decide when or how to get your attention. He must understand that you are the first person to contact and he will not get anything from the inquiry.

in order to make your dog understand this, it is very important to adopt a consistent attitude in daily life, Whether it’s at dinner or in any case your dog needs your attention. So when your dog is looking for food, attention, touch, or even play: ignore it!

ignoring a dog means: don’t look at it, don’t touch it, and don’t talk to it. Therefore, the best way is to abandon it.

for dogs, the worst punishment will be the ignorance of the owner. Therefore, if he finds his efforts in vain, he will give up. When your dog gives up his attention request, you can start contact. On the other hand, at the dinner table, from the beginning to the end, it is completely ignorant! All family members must live on the same sign. So please pay attention to your children. They can easily slide to some leftovers under the table.

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. If you can’t resist the urge to give your leftovers to your dog (make sure all the food is non-toxic), you can put a plate in the middle of the table with all your leftovers. When everyone leaves the table, this plate will be given to your dog.

suggestion 3: learn to enter the basket

for some very stubborn dogs, ignorance is not enough. In this case, teach your dog to go where he is ordered. If necessary, put him in the basket and give him a professional toy so that he can focus on his task rather than your plate.


should be learned in a positive way upstream. Your dog should understand that going to his basket is a good thing, not punishment.

in extreme cases, especially for tall, stubborn dogs, it will be protected

suggestion 4: let your dog eat before

. Another suggestion is to let your dog eat before you! In fact, if your dog eats at least an hour in advance, it will be in the digestive period and will not feel hungry. This is only effective if you provide your dog with a high-quality food so that it can get all the nutrients.

however, for those most greedy dogs, this suggestion should be combined with all the previous suggestions!


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5: spend it

before dinner. Finally, the last suggestion: if the dog is tired, the dog is asleep. So if you have a chance, don’t hesitate to spend your dog physically, mentally or olfactory before you eat.


can be a long journey and a game, Learn a technique or a small tracking program at home or in the garden.

so at the end of this activity, your dog will only think of one thing: rest! “Kdspe

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