Interested by muffled squeals, a young woman saves a blind and deaf Poodle abandoned in a trash can. He was locked in a bag!

Discovered by chance by a resident in a trash can last week, an elderly, deaf and blind dog was taken care of by the Salon-de-Provence SPA. For the president of the association, this is a voluntary act.

Last Friday (September 25, 2020), a woman living in Salon-de-Provence , in the Bouches-du-Rhône, was about to throw out her trash, when she heard squealing . She then returned to the garbage and found a bag in which was a dog , only the head of which was out. She then got him out of there and notified the local SPA.

It is also the president of the latter, Philippe Adam , who reported the facts relayed by France Bleu .

The dog in question, a 13 year old senior Poodle who was deaf and blind , was in an alarming state of health and filth . The fact that he was found alive is almost a miracle , given the circumstances. No one knows how long it had been in the trash.

Supported by the Salon-de-Provence SPA, the quadruped was examined by a veterinarian . Subsequently, the employees of the association groomed him , then treated the injuries from which he suffered in the eyes and ears.

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The Poodle is still on antibiotics . He is not totally out of the woods.

For Philippe Adam , there is no doubt that the canine was the victim of a voluntary act.He was put there to be crushed and suffocated, ” he indeed said.


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