14 puppies with weird habits that are both funny and cute

Dogs sometimes have strange and unusual manners. They are, however, a lot of fun to see, as this series of photos shows us.

Obedient , docile and wise, our dogs surely are. However, from time to time they feel the urge to adopt funny attitudes. Which gives rise to situations that make us laugh .

Here are 14 photos of dogs acting their own way.

1. Getting rid of dead leaves and devouring them with all your teeth is a victory that only this Labrador can rejoice in.

2. When we have not yet cleared our head from the fog of waking up, we rush to the cafe

3. The feeling that this warm towel gives him seems to be quite pleasant.

4. During outings in the car, this dog needs to be pampered and well wrapped up in his blanket.

5. Without complexes, he makes faces all day long

6. This dog spends his time giving his owners everything he finds in the house. This gift still has a lot of charm

7. He thinks he is very small and invisible, although he has reached adulthood and is not at all transparent

8. The flexibility of this dog breaks all records

9. This dog drinks water directly from the source and breathes the air directly from the source too, ie from the fan

10. He emptied the toy bag to curl up himself

11. Depending on the situation, this bitch is either an angel or a real little devil.

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12. Join forces for more restful sleep

13. Play good little girls to get their treats sooner

14. A magic shield that they cannot cross and that keeps them out of the kitchen when their mistress prepares the meal.


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