Passionate about animals, a Douaisienne devotes her career to helping owners and their dogs live in harmony.

Some people make a passion for their profession forever. This is precisely the case with Sandra, who launched her self-employed company specializing in dog education and behavior in Douai (Hauts-de-France). Under the name O’Kimi lies an unwavering love and dedication for dogs.

The canine breed no longer holds any secrets for Sandra . After having followed various trainings, the 28-year-old Douaisienne realized her biggest dream, that of becoming an educator and behaviorist for dogs. A bet that she won hands down, she who nevertheless intended for the secretariat a few years earlier.

His goal ? Help owners understand their 4-legged companion and create a harmonious relationship between them.

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Animals have their own language, which is not always easy to decipher. But Sandra , the woman who whispers in dogs’ ears, brings the keys to unlock the door separating the human and the canine.

Problems of anxiety, aggression or even disobedience, the professional provides a plethora of advice depending on the situation and the character of the subject. “ Sometimes it is the result of unease. We have to find the problem in question and fix it, ”she told Woopets .

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Theoretical and practical courses

The sessions it offers take place in several stages.

The first is dedicated to the study of behavior. This is a meeting, during which she determines the dog’s temperament and the origin of the problem.

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A place is then given to education, the basics of which are exposed. Learning as well as means of sanction are put on the table, all this through gentle, positive and respectful methods for the animal.

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A passion that was born thanks to his dogs

This unchanging passion, which guides her on a daily basis, was awakened with the arrival of her first dog, an Akita Inu. “ Kiko bewitched me! There was an inexplicable connection , ”revealed the Northerner.

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After receiving this wonderful present from her family when she was still a student, Sandra wanted to offer some company to her male. This is how the beautiful Milka joined them. The 2 Akitas have since become inseparable.

This breed is known to be quite temperamental. Before becoming an educator and behaviorist herself, Sandra turned to professionals in the sector to improve their learning and understand them. But after some bitter failures, despite much effort, she decided to act in her own way. “ I changed small things, for example when I was rewarding them. They started to understand and it worked, ”she said.

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© O’Kimi

Once Sandra succeeded in educating them and bringing them up to date, she wanted to come to the aid of other handlers and dogs in need. O’Kimi is the result of the contraction of “ Kiko ” and “ Milka ”. The name of his biggest and most important project was given in honor of the 2 loves of his life.


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