Black Friday 6 accessories on sale for your pets

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Difficult to miss the news of the day; today, Friday, November 29, is Black Friday. The opportunity for all pet owners to make good deals through enticing promotions and discover new products.”

Accessories for hygiene, well-being and, in general, for the daily lives of dogs, cats and other adorable companions… Woopets is committed to presenting you the good deals that this Black Friday has in store for you. Enough to do your little shopping and spoil your loyal friends while making some nice savings.”

Here is our special Crazy Friday selection of promotional items not to be missed…

KONG – Toy to bite and report – Dogs XXL


19,90 €

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Toys are essential for the psychic, intellectual and emotional balance of your dog. Hence the importance of the choice of products. The American brand Kong offers a variety of objects specially designed to promote the awakening and well-being of our 4-legged friends. Kong’s flagship toy? This rubber set has the shape of 3 balls ranging from the largest to the smallest, and in which you can introduce treats or kibble to occupy the animal for hours.”

Transport Baskets with Mesh Window Net


49,99 €

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This pecute dog and cat carrying bag is as convenient as it is comfortable. Its extension offers extra space for your pet, knowing that he can also take his head out thanks to the upper opening. The ventilation is optimal thanks to the mesh windows and its 3-sided acrylic plate design. Your companion is therefore guaranteed to be cool in summer, but also warm in winter, thanks to the Oxford fabric and the flannel bottom carpet. You’ll also appreciate the storage on the side.”

Dog Bike Trailer, Black/Red, Size M, 46 × 50 × 74 cm


120,45 €

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Trixie offers here a bike trailer with beautiful dimensions (76 x 52 x 25 cm), large wheels for optimal driving comfort and excellent ventilation. The cabin has, in fact, a large window on each of the 4 faces, as well as an opening at the top. Your dog is therefore not likely to suffer from the heat during your bicycle rides. Convenient, this trailer mounts and folds easily. You’ll also love the pretty red/black color that characterizes it.”

Mattress and Textile Vacuum Cleaner, multicolored


79,99 €

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With this Hoover mattress and textile vacuum cleaner, you will be sure to have, you and your pets, healthy bedding and furniture. Specially designed for dog and cat owners, it will protect you from the hassle of allergies, as evidenced by its British Allergy Foundation label. Thanks to a UV-C lamp and its ultra-powerful electrobrush, it effectively removes bacteria, mites and dust microparticles.”

Trixie Tower Ria for Cat, Light Grey/Natural, 37 cm


44,76 € 44,99 €

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Your cat will love this Trixie tower serving as a cat tree, bed and shelter. Its outer coating in plush and sisal also plays the role of scratching griffoir; enough to allow your pet to make its claws and let off steam, thus sparing your furniture. Above, it is a soft and reversible cushion that is offered to him. The comfort and well-being of your cat is perfectly assured.”

Chrome cage for Rodent Grey 100 x 50 x 97 cm


129,09 € 133,51 €

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Spacious, Convenient and safe, this Vadigram rodent cage is a great plan if you have a guinea pig, rabbit or other small companion. It consists of 2 floors and a wooden ramp to allow the animal to move freely from one to the other. On the upper level, it incorporates a rack, a feeder and a 500 ml bottle. Your rodent will not lack anything. Finally, thanks to its large doors (1 on each floor) and its upper opening, you can easily access and clean it with ease.”

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