Stray dog jumps into man’s car, not knowing he would be his future dad

Angela Shaver

An American family, who already had 3 stray dogs, added one to their home. A canine crossed by chance on a motorway rest area. The man of the house could not resist in front of a face both sad and in search of love.

Stopping at a rest area between Arkansas and Missouri , Bill didn’t expect to adopt his fourth dog . However, after using the toilets at the rest station on the motorway , the man found a canine in his passenger seat in a very bad condition.

As he tells Bright Side, the animal must have entered the vehicle through the window, left open. He was painful to see, hungry , sad and presumably exhausted. Bill got caught up in the game. He gave some cookies to his new companion who didn’t ask for so many.

A fourth stray dog in the family

He immediately decided to take him home and adopt him . On the way home, he informed his wife. The latter greeted the news with joy , and immediately named River the new home dog. The fourth, since it already had three stray dogs .

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When parked outside his home, Bill saw River refusing to get out of the vehicle on his own. Probably traumatized in the past. Afraid of abandonment ? Bill hugged him, then sent him home. A veterinary examination , taken in stride, revealed some injuries to the neck and face , as well as a heartworm . Nothing serious. River has now fully recovered, and is having a great time with his new family.

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