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are essential accessories for any dog owner and are one of the main means of transportation safety. However, you must choose the cage that best suits your dog partner.


a transport box? Why did you do that? In public transport… Choose the right size material? How to adapt to the transport box?

when you have a dog, you must have many necessary accessories. Among them, the transport box is also important. Without this goal, the safety of the animals themselves and the surrounding environment cannot be guaranteed no matter what means of transportation are used. What exactly does


mean, and how to ensure the correct model is selected? Here are some answers to guide you. Is

a transport box? Why did you do that?

dog cage or dog box is a necessary condition to ensure transportation safety. Some animals can’t stand quietly in the car, or they are in danger of injury in sudden movements. Taking them to a place, such as a veterinarian, becomes a problem. In this case, the transport box


must be used. In addition, from a legal point of view, “every driver must always maintain a good state and position to carry out all necessary operations conveniently and without delay. Its moving range and field of vision shall not be reduced due to the number or location of passengers, the contents or the pasting of opaque objects on the window (article r412-6 of the road traffic law). Therefore, this means that drivers should not be hindered by any factors when driving, because dogs may be the

in public transport…

in public transport (aircraft, ships, trains, etc.), the body is very important for the safety of dogs and passengers. On the plane, if the animal weighs less than 5kg, it can be put in a compartment in a bag. If it is larger, it should be put in a cage and travel in the cargo hold.

in addition, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has a clear standard for the size of boxes. The models were classified according to this standard, ranging from t0 (puppy) to T6 (big dog). Depending on the circumstances, the use of transport containers meets security principles or legal requirements.

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any dog owner must buy it. Prices range from 30 euros for small basic models to 400 euros for large crates with different accessories. In addition to the cost, various selection criteria are also considered.

selects the correct size.

transport box size is obviously one of the main criteria for model selection. Because the box is too narrow, the animals may not be able to move, making travel impossible. On the other hand, if it is too big, if there is an accident, it will not be able to prevent it from hitting the wall.

so a compromise must be found. To do this, first measure the size of the dog. Therefore, this means measuring the length from the ground to the tip of the ear when standing, then the whole length when lying down, and finally the front and rear length (and width) of the animal when rolling into a ball.

has many different models of dog transport boxes, which are mainly made of Da material

wicker is more suitable for dogs. They have the advantage of light weight, but they are not easy to clean. Fiberglass and rigid plastic crates are recommended, especially in air travel, as they comply with IATA standards. If you are dealing with a dog, it may bite its body. It is best to choose a metal model. How does

adapt it to the transport box?

not all dogs have the same facilities to adapt to the transport box. Some people soon learned to settle down quietly, while others flatly refused.


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. Of course, the earlier you learn, the harder it is for dogs to start learning. To encourage him to do so, you can put his favorite food or toys in the box.

during the first treatment, you can avoid closing the door of the cage to avoid hurting him. Instead, we try to connect it with good things. Congratulate him and surprise him when he is positive so that he can get better results. “

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