The beginning of the end of the nightmare for this dog neglected for years. His saviors want answers!

For the volunteers who have collected and taken care of Jonah, there is no doubt that this dog has been totally neglected for years. While helping him back up the slope, they seek to learn more about his past and what caused him to end up in such poor health.

A victim of neglect, a senior dog was taken care of at the end of last week by an association and will need several months of care to recover, reported WNEP this Sunday, July 11.

Fleas were jumping out of his body. I had never seen so much on a dog, ”regretted Emma Ripka , a volunteer at the Blue Chip Animal Refuge in Dallas , Pennsylvania. Despite her long experience and the many cases of neglected animals she had had to deal with, she was shocked when she saw Jonah .


A traumatized, sore and suspicious dog

The day after his rescue, this elderly Labrador-Retriever cross still had swollen paws. One of the many scars left by years of neglect. WNEP reporters visited him on Sunday morning, discovering a severely marked dog; he had lost much of his coat, was scratching and licking himself frantically.

It will still take a long time for him to learn to trust humans again, although he seems more relaxed in the presence of Emma Ripka , who brought him to the shelter last Saturday. He barks and growls as soon as you try to approach him.


Everything indicates that Jonah had not received any form of care or interaction for quite some time, at least 2 years according to Emma Ripka . By going to look for him after being warned by 2 people wishing to remain anonymous, the volunteer had discovered a dog in very bad shape; covered in urine, suffering from sores in the hindquarters, very bad teeth, infected skin, eyes and ears.

At least 6 months of care

At the Blue Chip Animal Refuge , we have more questions than answers today. The identity of the owner of the animal is still unknown, responsible for what is clearly gross negligence. The association contacted the authorities and the SPCA to try to find out more.

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Caring for the dog will cost the organization thousands of dollars, which has appealed for donations.


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