Amputated of both front legs in an accident, this miniature poodle surpassed his handicap on two hind legs (Video)

After a probable car accident, a dog has 2 legs amputated. Her savior gave her enough care and love to regain her zest for life.

Cora is a 6 year old Poodle dog. She had to undergo a heavy operation to have both front legs amputated. Vets believe the animal was in a car accident .

One of its legs suffered from a bone infection. The second was also unrecoverable. The vets had no choice but to proceed with the amputation.

FoxNews reports that the dog also suffered from a broken back and pelvis.

Typically, veterinarians decide to euthanize amputated animals. But Cora was adopted by Zach Skow .

Leader of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, Skow is used to treating amputated animals and helping them with rehabilitation. He was sure the bitch would recover wonderfully

Assisted, the dog was able to relearn to walk after her operation. She even learned to jump on her 2 hind legs after only 3 months.

Skow’s attitude towards Cora has been very beneficial to Cora. Indeed, while assisting her and providing her with all the necessary care and affection, the man respected the autonomy of the bitch. He considers this to be an important part of his recovery.

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Skow was right and handled Cora’s case well. Indeed, the bitch today is full of life, energy and is grateful.


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