At each of her walks this bitch stops dead in the worst of places

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Overweight, a dog found in Tracy an ideal mistress. And yet, she does not hesitate to show him all the colors at each walk. A stubborn side that today makes its owner and residents of the neighborhood smile.

As with humans, some dogs are more lazy than others. Canids in favor of the least effort, or the minimum effort . This is the case with Stella , who prefers to rest in the house of Tracy Buck , her mistress, than to go out for her daily walk .

Still, Stella has no choice but to get some exercise every day. Because the bitch has been overweight for several years. So, when Tracy adopted him, she had received advice on how to lose weight in her new protege. But the latter does not seem in a hurry to find the line.

Stella makes passers-by worried

She’s always been stubborn and demanding,Tracy tells The Dodo. These characteristics were given to the woman by the refuge where she found the rare pearl. Tracy was quick to get to the bottom heart. Each time she took the dog for a walk , the latter stopped dead in the middle of the road. “ She wouldn’t move until someone rubbed her stomach or paid attention,Tracy says.

The videos are self-explanatory, and can make you smile. Since then, Tracy has learned to have fun. However, she must face the worry of passers-by, taken aback by the behavior of the animal. “ People come to me to ask me if she is okay because she is lying on the side of the road. Others, especially those in her neighborhood, laugh at this atypical side developed by Stella . “ They think I’m crazy for supporting her,Tracy jokes.

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The morning Bean.

– Stella Bean (@BassetBuck) November 3, 2019

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