A dog stolen 4 years ago found by its owner from a homeless man


Jack’s owner thought she had lost him forever. 4 years had passed since the disappearance of his dog, until this call received from a local association, informing him that he had just been found with a homeless man.”

A medical emergency affecting a homeless man allowed a woman and her dog to find each other, years after the latter’s theft. A story reported by ClickOnDetroit this Thursday, August 19.”

Desirae Cornell had adopted Jack, a Shepherd crusader, when he was still a small puppy. He was totally neglected by his former owners, who kept him permanently chained outside their home in Detroit, Michigan. Worse still, they were considering euthanizing him. Upon learning of this, Desirae Cornell had decided to adopt her, her masters having finally agreed to let her take him away.”

After his adoption, Jack had received all the care he needed and had been puced. Unfortunately, a few months later, someone broke into her home by jumping over the fence to steal the canid. Desirae Cornell had no news of his 4-legged companion since.”

On Wednesday night, police rescued a homeless man living in his car with a dog in the city of Flint. The man was unwell and the animal had to be taken care of. Law enforcement then called in Bill Heatley of local streethearts Dog Rescue while the medical emergency was being treated.”


It was Jake, his chip had spoken!

This is where the canid was passed to the identification chip reader and it was discovered that he was wearing one. It was Jake!”


The next morning, Bill Heatley called Desirae Cornell to tell him the happy news. Jake’s mistress couldn’t believe her ears and started crying. That same evening, the reunion took place in Mount Morris. After a short hesitation, the dog recognized his lifelong friend and put his head on her lap.”

I never thought I’d see him again one day,” said Desirae Cornell during this emotional moment.

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