For his dog, an owner tries everything for everything and saves his best friend!

It’s the funny story of a man who “saved the life” of his daughter’s favorite teddy bear dog.

Dog Lucky and his favorite teddy bear absolutely never go apart . Wherever he goes, the quadruped takes his toy and protects it as if it were his baby . This has been going on for 6 years and, even though the plush is no longer in great condition, it wouldn’t leave it for the world. This is what its owner, Michaella Wallace , confirmed to The Dodo .

Sadly, what Lucky feared most did eventually happen. Last week, Michaella took her dog out in the evening to allow him to defecate . Obviously, his teddy bear accompanied him as always. At that time, a big snowstorm was on the way and the animal was prompted to come home quickly. And there, it was the disaster : Lucky lost his stuffed animal in the dark … We let you imagine his sadness .

So it was with death in his soul that he spent the night warm and sheltered from the snowstorm while his lifelong friend was somewhere outside.

The next morning, the miracle happened: Michaella’s father sent a message to Michaella to tell him that he had fallen on Lucky’s teddy bear.

The snow which covered it had melted and thus made it reappear. But the object was in bad shape :

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