A stray dog bereaved by the loss of her litter rediscovers the joys of motherhood in a refuge, with orphan kittens!

Inconsolate after the deaths of her puppies, Georgia found solace in taking under her wing a litter of kittens who had lost their mothers. The bitch took care of them as if they were her own cubs.

A stray dog, Georgia lived near a gas station in rural Arizona, not far from the Mexican border. She was then accompanied by another dog named Denver . All 2 were supported by the shelter Sunshine Dog Rescue. The volunteers then discovered that she was pregnant , reports Fox 10 Phoenix .

The bitch gave birth , but her puppies unfortunately did not survive . The incomprehension competed with the sadness at Georgia , who searched for her cubs everywhere and even shredded her bed, as explained on the shelter’s Facebook page.

Distraught, the Sunshine Dog Rescue team didn’t know what to do to comfort her, but they had the good idea to give her 3 orphan kittens who had just arrived. The bitch needed them and the little cats needed her. She immediately began to protect them and breastfeed them , as if they were her offspring.

One of the kittens unfortunately died a few days later. Another was taken in and joined the small family. Graffiti , Gumball and Goober were growing up in the best conditions thanks to their surrogate mother Georgia .

On September 2, the Sunshine Dog Rescue Facebook page informed us that the dog suffered from a cancerous tumor in her genitals. She has started chemotherapy and vets are optimistic about her chances of a cure.

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Georgia recently joined her new family , where she will continue her treatment. Her name is now Milo . As for her kittens, they are doing wonderfully and receive all the care they need from the volunteers, until they are old enough to be offered for adoption .


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