Strangled dog necklace

Illustration : "Le collier étrangleur pour chien"

more and more people oppose the use of choke in dog education. Some people think that this method does not respect animals, their health and psychology. What is a dog’s neck? How does it work? What impact does it have on dogs

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different types of necklaces strangle it. Critics point out its physical and psychological sequelae

today, the so-called positive method is the first choice in dog education. They emphasize the importance of good behavior and encourage animals to repeat these behaviors instead of punishing bad behavior. The use of certain accessories, such as electric collars and chokes (what we are interested in here), has been condemned by educators, who apply the principle of positive reinforcement.

they often regard chokes as part of ancient educational technology. In most cases, it is used by inexperienced educators or owners who want to achieve results quickly. However, in dog education, nothing can be obtained quickly. It is important to take your time and let the dog integrate into the correct behavior at its own pace.

has different types of chokes.

has several types of chokes on the market. The following is what we most often encounter:

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register that your email address is collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about chain chokes: This is the basic model. When the dog pulls the belt, its owner will “knock on the door”, which means that it will knock on the belt to tighten the necklace around the dog’s neck. This will cause slight suffocation and make him uncomfortable. Leather choke: its function is the same as that of chain choke, but its difference lies in the material (leather rather than steel). This model is more expensive than the first one. Semi throttling ring: the model is expected to produce throttling with low strength. Strangulation or semi strangulation pointed Necklace: even if the manufacturer insists that the pointed end will not hurt it, it is easy to imagine what kind of pain the dog will feel. Its critics have pointed out its physical sequelae…

many dog educators oppose this practice and condemn the possible physical sequelae it may cause to dogs.

strangulation necklace may actually cause damage to skin, spine, spine and spine. Trachea or throat. At the wrong time or too dry posture may have a serious impact on the health of animals. The risk of neck defects or dysfunction of


cannot be eliminated. Similarly, the sequelae can be serious, especially when some owners let their dogs take them forever, even if they don’t walk the dog.


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… And psychological

Strangulation necklaces are also placed in the index to find possible psychological traces. It is particularly noteworthy that the pain caused by strangulation will bring some form of stress and trauma to the dog, and then the dog will become afraid or even aggressive. It is also believed that a dog may associate the pain of strangulation with the factors it perceives when receiving this treatment (the people it meets, other dogs, environment…). Negative connectionIt is also possible to change his behavior towards these elements. “

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