Fires in Greece: volunteers establish a temporary refuge to welcome and care for animals

In Greece, humans are not the only victims of forest fires, caused by a major heat wave. Many animals are rescued by volunteers, who have established a makeshift shelter in Athens.

The north of the capital became the new territory of Hades : the flames ravaged the region and spread to the woods, as well as to residential areas on the outskirts of the city. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes and leave their belongings behind. This unfortunately included pets …


Some owners were able to flee with their beloved companions, others were not so lucky. “ Many dogs weren’t intentionally abandoned by families. When the fire started, people were at work and could not return home, so it was impossible for them to reach their pets , ”a volunteer told Metro .

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Hope in the midst of turmoil

Some Good Samaritans have decided to join forces to rescue dogs, cats and other creatures threatened by forest fires. Many of them were found petrified or running frantically through the streets.

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Rescuers established an ephemeral refuge within hours in order to welcome and treat the victims. The site has hosted over 200 animals so far. “ There are animals with mild burns, breathing problems, animals that are exhausted, and we are trying to do our best, ” said Eleni Dede , founder of the rescue group Dogs’ Voice. Animals arriving with more serious injuries are rushed to hospital, Reuters reports.

© Louiza Vradi / Reuters

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Volunteers work day and night to save them, while having to endure high temperatures that can sometimes reach 45 ° C. But their multiple efforts are not in vain. And the shelter received more help than its organizers anticipated. They hope to reunite the animals with their owners or soon find new homes for them.


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