17 photos of dogs that will make you smile

Our friends the dogs are our best allies to have fun and smile. These photos are undeniable proof.

Dogs love to have fun, run in the grass, do lots of activities and little adventures all day long. They always have a little anecdote for us to see and which makes us laugh. Because in truth, our 4-legged companions are a real treat for their owners.

Here are 17 photos of dogs that will give you fishing.

1. For this Nova Scotia Retriever, there is nothing better than rolling around in the grass on a summer afternoon.

2. This Welsh Corgi Pembroke’s joy in frolicking in the grass is boundless.

3. Snow is this Beagle’s hobbyhorse

4. This Pyrenean mountain dog enjoys his family’s videos

5. A Dalmatian licking his chops

6. Basset Hounds Hear Everything We Say! When they’re not busy yawning of course

7. A Shih-Tzu accompanied by his stuffed animal who is not impressed

8. Dogs water the whole family when they dry off.

9. Playing with the garden hose is pure joy

10. Friends who spend their time playing together

11. A French Bulldog dog who definitely has a lot of flexibility

12. Sleep is always more pleasant in front of the TV

13. Yoga is a practice appreciated by dogs, we learn

14. This Corgi absolutely refuses to let go of his stick because it is his wonderful find after a walk in the forest

15. This Bernese Mountain Dog loves to catch snow with his tongue

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16. This English Springer gives you his best smile

17. Afternoon joys in the garden are perfectly approved by this Pitbull puppy


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