He finds his dog 4 years later, 700 km from home

Mike was sad after his dog ran away, but he never gave up hope of finding him one day. This is indeed what ended up happening, 4 years later.

Mike Plas lives in Thunder Bay in the province of Ontario (Eastern Canada). 4 years ago , his best friend, a Shepherd / Siberian Husky cross by the name of Jack , had moved away from the house never to reappear . A terrible ordeal for the young man, because he and the dog were inseparable . He tells CTV News Winnipeg that the quadruped accompanied him everywhere : fishing, hunting and even often at work. Mike even took time off on Jack’s birthday to celebrate. “ He has always been more than a dog or a pet to me, ” he told the Manitoba media.

He had tried everything to find his dog, including posting in social networks , but to no avail . Then, on September 19, the long-awaited phone call finally arrived. On the other end of the line is the Centennial Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg , 700 km away. Jack had just been dropped off there by someone who had found him on a road not far from the establishment. Staff were able to find out the identity of its owner, Mike in this case, by passing it through a microchip reader.

Without wasting time, he made the long trip to see his lifelong friend again. The reunion was full of joy , as shown in the video below posted by Mike on Facebook.

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There is still a challenge for the duo: to get Jack and Mike’s 2 other dogs to get along . Either way, they have 4 years of exciting games, cuddles, and activity to catch up on and they are planning on doing it.


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