Married at first sight: what is the breed of Celine’s dog at the center of a buzz after its passage on M6?

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Just like her husband, viewers were able to discover Cécile’s dogs during the last episode of the show Married at first sight. One of the canids did not fail to surprise with its unusual appearance. Elvis is, indeed, a Chinese crested dog of the naked variety.”

With a compatibility of 83%, Alain and Cécile are undoubtedly the great protagonists of this 5th season of Married at first sight on M6. The episode broadcast this Monday, April 12 showed the arrival of the bride at the home of Montpellier. And the Marseillaise did not come alone; his dogs accompanied him and also had the opportunity to discover their new pied-à-terre.”

One of them, a Chinese Crested Dog called Elvis, made a particularly noticeable appearance, as reported by Voici. Alain was soon to highlight the atypical physique of the animal. It is true that the representatives of this breed – a fortiori those of the naked variety as Elvis is – are very different from most of their congeners.”

Small dogs, they have almost no hair, except on the head, bottom legs and tail. In the Powder-Puff variety, on the other hand, the coat is more generous. They are no less affectionate and animated by a communicative joie de vivre. Elvis quickly demonstrated this by constantly waging his tail and asking for hugs from his host while he explored the place.”

After a brief moment of apprehension, Alain began to be charmed by the Chinese Crested Dog and his look resolutely standing out from the crowd. As a barber and hairdresser, there may be a touch-up to be done on Elvis’ haircut, he joked. To which Cécile replied that her dog was no longer very young and that he had lost a large part of his hair.”

” Elvis’ entry on the scene commented by many tweetos

Elvis has reacted to many spectators, especially on Twitter. While some expressed surprise when they discovered the quadruped and compared it to cartoon characters, others went so far as to mock its appearance.”

After Anissa, Cécile’s daughter, Elvis his dog will he be the new star of this season? Answer tonight on M6 !#MAPR5#MariesAuPremierRegard#MAPR

— ???????????????????????????????? (danilebg) April 12, 2021

The dog Elvis #MariesAuPremierRegard #MariesAu1erRegard #MAPR

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— ? ???? ???? Wes???? ???? ???? (_TiWes_) April 12, 2021

Remarks that are certainly not likely to affect the person concerned, who only thinks of getting to know more about the husband of his owner and his new environment. Elvis seems happy, and that’s the most important thing.”

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