Remove dog hair from the sofa

Illustration : "Enlever les poils de chien sur le canapé"

becoming a dog owner has an unfortunate disadvantage: the hair on your tissue. The molting period of some dogs soon becomes a burden on their owners. It’s usually your sofa, car hood and home carpet that make your hair fall off.

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hair removal brush vacuum cleaner a used adhesive spray to prevent dog hair on the sofa

Anyone who keeps a dog will encounter some unpleasant things, such as messy hair on the sofa, car or home carpet, and even on clothes. So, how to easily remove dog hair from the sofa? There are some simple and economical techniques. In fact, with some daily necessities and cheap products, you can easily remove the hair of dogs stuck to the fabric or hiding in folds.

hair removal brush

removes the hair of dogs on the sofa, You can use one of the following three types of brushes:

double-sided model: there is a classic brush side and a velvet surface. This accessory commonly used for cleaning clothes can be used on the sofa. The brush can remove the hair into a pile, and the velvet surface can capture the hair for easy removal. Cot: this brush is composed of a sleeve and a cot. When it passes through your support, it will catch the dog’s hair. Rubber brush: due to its material and friction, it uses the resulting electrostatic energy to attract dog hair.

these brushes are effective, but they can’t touch the hair where the sofa or car cover can’t touch, such as wrinkles.

vacuum cleaner

is also a solution that can clean the surface well, but can’t clean the wrinkles. In addition, some hair is tough because they are embedded in the fabric.

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. In any case, there are high-performance vacuum cleaners specially designed for dog hair with vacuum cleaner nozzles, for example, to remove dog hair in inaccessible places.

is a used tights

One of grandma’s tricks is to remove the dog hair from the sofa: use old socks or old tights. Wear it like a glove, put your hands on the surface and stick to inaccessible corners.

you will realize that this daily product can collect an amazing amount of hair. Hair can be trapped in nylon nets at the bottom or in tights.

spray mixture

adds a mixture of water and linen softener to a traditional sprayer. Then spray it on all the required surfaces, and then wipe it with an anti-static cloth to capture dog hair.

tips: first test the product in a small part of the fabric that is not visible to observe its reaction.

prevents dog hair on the sofa

In order to avoid dog hair on the sofa, preventive measures should also be considered:


also read that burning

after the dog dies does not allow your dog to enter the sofa: this will not prevent some hair from falling on the sofa, but will reduce the amount of hair. Covered sofa: lay a sheet that is easy to clean and change. Brush your pet’s teethOften use a dog brush suitable for his hair

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