Policeman finds 6-month-old puppy unable to move in his backyard, finds him a family

Saved with another dog from a master who mistreated them, Hemi slowly recovered from his ordeal. Even better ; the puppy has found a new loving family, just like his fellow puppy.

Last month, the Association SPCA of Niagara County, New York, had been alerted via an anonymous witness to the worrying situation of two dogs, including a puppy. These canines were totally neglected by their owner and in bad shape, as the Animal Channel recounts.

The team of the animal protection organization and police officers intervened on the scene and removed the quadrupeds from their master.

The young dog, 6 months old and by the name of Hemi , was very thin and dehydrated . He could barely walk because his hind leg was swollen . One of the policemen must have worn it. The second animal, a female dog called Foreign , also had hind limbs and had difficulty moving.

After the rescue , the Niagara County SPCA opened an online fundraiser to help fund the care of the 2 dogs. 5,000 dollars had been requested, but the total donation eventually exceeded that target of 1,600 dollars.

Thanks to the treatment and care provided by volunteers and vets , both Hemi and Foreign’s health improved markedly.

This wasn’t the only good news, as Hemi has found a new family . One of the officers who freed him fell in love with the puppy and decided to adopt him . His name is now Vito .

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Foreign will also discover her new home shortly. She will be adopted by an agent from the county sheriff’s office.


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