Can we dress his dog?

Illustration : "Peut-on habiller son chien ?"

should dogs be dressed? If so, which one should be selected and how to ensure that it is effectively protected?

executive summary

is a natural and life damaged protection. It adapts to the severe cold when it rains in summer together with humans. It summarizes the

on dog clothing, and there are differences of opinion. There are various arguments between the tendency of some people to express human desires and emotions by “pretending” animals and the actual need to protect animals from bad weather. It is undeniable that some dogs are more vulnerable to cold, hot and bad weather than others. As we all know, dogs were the first animal species domesticated by humans. In fact, at a very early age, human beings seized the great potential of the wolf’s offspring and gave him many roles to serve him: hunting, guarding, controlling rodents and other pests, hunting, rescue and companionship…

This human life has changed dogs. This approach to human living conditions and forced adaptation have changed some of its physical characteristics. When a dog stays warm in winter and away from the heat in summer, the nature protection it enjoys changes. Over time, the demand for thick fur of some varieties gradually decreased, resulting in the loss of most of their fur. Human continuous hybridization to obtain breeds that meet the specific functions expected by dogs also helps to change the nature protection of dogs. Today, people can choose a dog from a distant region without hesitation. The climate conditions there are very different: Zhou Zhou, Caucasian shepherd, Siberian Husky and St. Bernard all live in quite warm countries, And Chihuahua and Greyhound in cold and rainy areas.


these dogs lack the natural protection needed to adapt to these climates. This problem worsens with age, which is inconsistent with the increase of life expectancy of our four legged friends. For all these dogs, additional protection may be required, in which case clothing is necessary.

get used to your dog

your dog needs to get used to wearing this small coat or shoes specially designed for him. It’s not natural, in an animal used to nudity. Therefore, you should familiarize him with this dress every day.

in cold weather,

even if some dogs can stand the cold well, they should not ignore the negative impact of products used on roads in winter (such as salt and other antifreezes). They stimulate the cushion and the body parts closest to the ground: muzzle, feet, abdomen, chest, tail… Cold itself attacks the skin and hair.

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. Animals are more sensitive to low temperature when they stay in a warm room for a long time. Chihuahua, German dog, whip, etc. are particularly vulnerable to the cold. They didn’t benefit from leonberg’s thick coatEr, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, wolf dogs (Czechoslovakia, sallos…) and sled dogs (Siberian Husky, malamut, Alaska…) to name just a few examples.

cold dogs need to wear clothes in frost. From simple T-shirts to cotton or wool coats. Feet can also be protected by choosing appropriate shoes, even if the ideal situation is to apply protective ointment on the cushion. When


dogs are not equal in weather conditions. Generally speaking, when it rains, double fur (blanket and bottom fur), tight and hard animals have the most advantages: beech, Hound (gold, Chesapeake Bay…), Griffin COTAR, Bree shepherd, etc. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, pinscher or dwarf Pinscher suffered more in the heavy rain. Moreover, it is impossible to keep them out even in particularly rainy weather, so waterproof coats are always popular.

in summer,

is like cold and rain, and warmth will bring inconvenience and attack to our dog companions.

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are not only directly exposed to the sun, but also the high temperature of asphalt pavement, which makes the dog’s cushion, abdomen, nose and chest painful. Similarly, putting him on suitable shoes can help him better endure walking, but it is still a wiser choice to avoid taking his pet out at the hottest time of the day.

is generally referred to as

, which is suitable for some types of dogs (short haired, small and old dogs), Clothes are not recommended. Especially in winter, when the temperature drops, it may be very valuable. On the other hand, the tissue on clothes may be harmful to the health of some dogs. They can cause allergies, skin diseases and overheating.

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