Veterinarians worried about the upsurge in used masks on public roads alert pet owners to ingestion risks

Small Animal Hospital, University of Glasgow / Facebook

In Scotland, a dog had the bad idea to ingest a disposable mask he had found on the floor during a walk. The fact that such objects are found on the public highway worries more and more veterinarians.

Masks have become essential in this context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Disposable models, once used, however, become waste that obviously should not be thrown anywhere , let alone on the public highway.

They are a danger to both public health , the environment and our pets , as the University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital recalls in a Facebook post where she relates an incident that occurred a year ago. ten days.

Kobe was out for an afternoon walk when he spotted a discarded face mask and wolfed it down. Luckily, his owner …

Posted by Small Animal Hospital, University of Glasgow on Saturday, September 5, 2020

On the night of the incident, a dog by the name of Kobe was being walked by his master, when the black-robed English Cocker Spaniel discovered a disposable mask on the floor. The canine immediately swallowed it . His owner took him to the university veterinary center in question without wasting time, CountryLiving reports.

Admitted to the facility’s emergency room , Kobe first underwent an x-ray . The vets wanted to see if the mask swallowed by the dog contained a rigid wire , the one used to keep it on the user’s nose. They did find one in the Cocker’s stomach, but luckily it was small enough to be removed without surgery .

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They administered an emetic to the quadruped, and soon after, the quadruped was able to regurgitate the foreign body without problem. Kobe has fully recovered from his mishap .

The University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital, again via its Facebook page, has called on dog and cat owners to be vigilant about the risk to their health from disposable masks that can hang around.

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