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learn basic instructions and more complex movements. More and more dog educators use the click method. This technology is very successful in the United States and France.


method introduces the steps of clicker education.

clickers have been used in animal training in the United States for many years. In the past, it was used to train dolphins to perform certain tasks, such as trapping enemy ships. The application of clicker in dog education is the latest and more and more successful in North America and around the world. In fact, this approach, especially on the basis of strengthening positive behavior, has proved quite effective. Let’s take a look at its principle and working principle.

method introduction

as the name suggests, clicking is just “clicking” to trigger a given action on the dog. The name of the method refers to the name of the tool used to apply it: the clicker is a plastic shell containing a metal sheet. Each time you press it, it will make a click.

stimulate through this sound, The purpose of click method is to establish a communication between the dog and its owner, so as to establish education on the basis of actively strengthening and encouraging animals. By associating clicks with rewards and executing commands, dogs can learn to take the required actions faster and easier.

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dog click education method is based on a mixture of two well-known adjustment principles. The first is Pavlov’s packaging, which dates back to the early 20th century. Here, each stimulus corresponding to the reward triggers a stimulus composed of clicks, resulting in a response when the click stimulus is displayed separately. Therefore, it becomes the input signal of reward stimulation. The second principle, the operational conditioned reflex proposed by Burrus Frederic Skinner in 1938, is based on the reactions obtained from actions: reinforcement (used in this method), elimination and elimination. Let’s take an example of learning the “sit” command through the click method.


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and “load” clicker: this word means that you will associate the clicks in the dog’s brain with rewards. To this end, each click will give it a candy. The game must be repeated several times in a row, and then pause before clicking again without candy. If the dog turns to its owner, it is because it understands that sound is a reward. Then we continued to practice with candy. Switch to gesture order: once the first step is obtained, you can switch to gesture order. This is to let the dog sit down naturally and put candy on his head. Once it starts moving to the sitting position, we click. Similarly, this exercise must be repeated in order for the animal to fully adapt. Establish oral order: we can now move towards oral order. Here, you click and clearly say the word “sit” and help it with the gesture of the previous step in your first attempt. At this point, rewards (candy) are still essential for every repetition. During training, dogs will learn public relationsSit and listen only to the pronunciation of “sit”. Click, gesture sequence and candy will be gradually cancelled

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