While he had to be euthanized, this wolf pup now lives like a real dog!

Two and a half years ago, Ivan , a 46-year-old Russian, saved a young Cub of a few weeks old from a predicted death. Moreover, the members of his siblings were killed. The so-called Seryi has now become an adult wolf. A wolf tamed and domesticated by his master. Like a dog ? With some exceptions…

Since then, Seryi has lived like any domestic animal . Like a dog . He was also trained in the same way by his master and his daughter , Alexandra , trainer.

In fact, Seryi has adopted canine attitudes . It happens to be frightened , to be afraid to cross certain roads, or in front of unfamiliar objects . A dog’s behavior. His physique reminds Ivan that he is pampering a wolf who is now two years old .

An intelligent animal with specific needs

Seryi weighs 45 kilos and measures 70 cm at the withers . Above all, he has an immeasurable need to exercise himself daily , through long walks where he is walked on a leash , but without a muzzle. Can he be dangerous? Ivan makes sure he never confronts him in a situation where he would be able to bite . He does not want passers-by to have their picture taken. And when he crosses paths with dogs, Seryi ignores the little ones , only to stay with those of his size.

In this very special, singular, but ultimately classic relationship between a master and his animal, Ivan is considered the pack leader for Seryi . He thus has full powers and the necessary authority. Ivan does not regret having adopted Seryi for a moment. A curious and intelligent wolf. An animal with specific needs, but endowed with great gentleness . Still, Ivan warns: a wolf requires constant attention .

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As he tells Brightside, the relationship will be amazing if the wolf is directly fed by the master, if they sleep together , if they walk for hours, and if they have enough room to move .


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