(Video) Rescue of an 8 month old puppy that fell into the bushes 8 meters deep!

France Bleu

Sunday evening, around 11 p.m., firefighters intervened on rue Sainte-Barbe, in Marseille . They had been warned by residents of the neighborhood, concerned about the situation of a puppy fallen from 8 meters, directly in the bushes. The puppy, at first frightened, saw rescuers bring him safely to the surface.

It was dark when the emergency services were able to bring back to earth a young Belgian Shepherd Malinois . Sunday evening, around 11 p.m., teams from the GRIMP and dog training sections deployed significant resources to come to the rescue of this puppy.

He had just fallen , rue de Sainte-Barbe in Marseille , in the bushes situated below a steep concrete slope. A fall of eight meters which did not seem to hurt the animal. Or even ring it.

A frightened puppy, then reassured

The 8-month-old puppy was barking during the filmed intervention of his rescuers. Indeed, it was impossible for the doggie to go up the slope himself . Apparently frightened by the situation, he was able to count on inhabitants concerned about his case who warned the marine firefighters of the Marseille city.

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Specialists in dog breeding descended in order to calm the canine, as reported by our colleagues from France Bleu. A playful dog when he saw the 2 men come to pet him to reassure him . A dog which was brought to the surface under the encouragement of those present. A safe puppy!

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