Over $ 50,000 raised to save a critically ill dog

The owner of Lola the bitch had launched a pot to finance the surgery that would save her. The amount of funds raised exceeded the target by more than $ 5,000. The animal can be operated on this summer.

Jason Garrett was ready to do anything to save his dog Lola , until he put all his savings and even his retirement savings plan that he has already emptied. He was also considering selling his car . For him, the life of his 4-legged friend is priceless, because she has saved his on several occasions.

A few months ago, the vets announced to her that Lola had only 8 to 9 months to live because of a disease of the mitral valve , greatly disrupting the functioning of the cardio-respiratory system. His only chance of survival was through surgery open heart. An area in which a Japanese veterinary cardiologist , Dr Masami Uechi , was the only expert before teaching it to fellow American colleagues.

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The cost of the operation amounting to 45,000 dollars , Jason Garrett therefore drew on all his resources, but they were not sufficient . He therefore opened a kitty on the GoFundMe platform in December 2019. Finally, the total contributions greatly exceeded the desired amount, the counter now showing $ 50,635 .

Jason Garrett thanked the 1,600 people who made donations, as well as all those who had expressed their support for him lately. The operation has been scheduled for this summer.


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