20 pictures of devastatingly charming Rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler puppies have a boundless charm that is impossible to resist. These photos are irrefutable proof of this.

One thing that puppies all have in common is one thing that catches everyone’s heart. Whatever the breed, small canines will crack even the tough guys. Rottweiler puppies are far from escaping this observation, on the contrary. Their black and tan dress and their adorable face are irresistible.

Here are 20 pictures of devastatingly charming Rottweiler puppies.

1. A Rottweiler puppy will crawl under your desk, thinking it’s a good hiding place

2. He will watch TV quietly lying between your legs

3. Lively and playful, he will need a leash to enjoy days in the park without getting lost

4. He will be most obedient and will not give you the opportunity not to melt seeing him so wisely lying down.

5. Soaking is fun for Rottweiler puppies.

6. Difficult to deny him another plush even if he already has a lot

7. He wants to be the keeper of all soda bottles

8. Eyes with absolutely irresistible charm

9. A very beautiful, flamboyant and well-groomed coat

10. The more the merrier, the more we laugh. The more Rottweiler puppies, the more we fall for it

11. This one is distinguished by his blue eyes

12. He quickly learned to turn around when called by name.

13. A father and his son posing

14. He takes his daily dose of vitamin D

15. A litter of Rottweiler puppies in full consultation

16. This brave little one has well deserved his treat

17. His first visit to the vet

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18. On the way to becoming an adult dog

19. It’s bedtime, as it does every half hour

20. A very beautiful portrait in the sun of the most charming of Rottweiler puppies


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