12 dogs and cats photographed in frightening positions

These dogs and cats photographed at the worst time asked for nothing, but their images are sure to give us many nightmares.

We love our pets and find them to be always the prettiest no matter what. We must also recognize that our dogs and cats are particularly photogenic.

However, it can happen that they do not really look their best in some photos. They can even scare us very much at times. Not because of any meanness on their part, but because they were photographed at a time when they displayed a strange position or a grimace, for example sneezing.

Here are 12 dogs and cats photographed in terrifying postures …

1. This cat stretching out on top of his cat tree just wanted to relax, unaware of the scary sight he was offering

2. He doesn’t look very happy

3. This dog is obviously waiting for some explanations

4. This cat gives the impression of hatching a Machiavellian plot

5. This cat is very angry, and for good reason; unwittingly, he put his nose in the flour, which makes him look even more terrifying

6. As if his grimace and his way of emerging from under the pillows weren’t enough, he also had to arm himself with tweezers.

7. He is ready to launch his ambush from the false ceiling

8. To return home, you must first get permission from this gang of cats with glowing eyes.

9. This Greyhound was pictured while sneezing

10. Its congener, he did nothing but shake after a good swim

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11. His shadow reveals the werewolf that lies dormant in him.

12. When it comes time to catch the tennis ball in mid-flight, this dog doesn’t give a damn about being photogenic.


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