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Can Illustration : "La protection des chiens de chasse" and

be said to have no hound protection? A negative answer is necessary because they are sensitive creatures.


does it have specific rules to protect dogs used for hunting? The status of hunting dogs applicable to the general animal law provides criminal protection for “kdsp” hunting dogs, especially the hunting dogs used in hunting, which is one of the hunting methods recognized in the environmental law (articles l.424-4 (1) and (3)) and may have a special lifestyle. Even strictly selected dogs for hunting are biologically the same as those who live a peaceful life at home. However, their lifestyles are very different. What about their protection? Do they have specific legislation or traditional animal law protection rules? Does

have specific protection rules for hunting dogs? The concept of

using dogs in hunting games depends on the definition of hunting games. Therefore, the use of dogs depends not only on the wishes of their owners, but also on current legislation. The purpose of


hunting behavior is to “look for, wait for or hunt prey with a view to capturing or killing prey”. Article l.420-3 of the Environmental Law lists some activities that do not constitute hunting. For example, “training ordinary dogs without capturing prey in the territory exercising the hunting right stipulated by the administrative authority”, “blood dog driver looking for injured animals”, “training, competition and testing of hunting dogs (…), It does not constitute hunting with the authorization of the administrative authority. ” Therefore, the use of dogs is strictly controlled; It does not seem so to protect them.

protect dogs used for hunting. Accordingly, hunting related offences relate to hunting licences, protection of prey, hunting territory, ways and means of hunting, transportation, management and sale of prey, Therefore, there is no specific criminal conviction for the protection of dogs. Therefore, these dogs seem to belong to common animal law. However, the hunting law does take into account some particularities.

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if there is a criminal offence described in article r.622-2 of the criminal code, it does not include the harassment of hounds described in article r.428-6 of the environmental law. Therefore, the punishment for the carnival behavior of hounds is more severe: a fine is imposed for the fourth type of illegal behavior, “while other forms of Carnival behavior are only fined for the second type of illegal behavior”. There is no doubt that this is to protect prey, not dogs. Fortunately, the general animal law applies.

the application of the general animal law

therefore, hounds enjoy the same rights as other dogs in terms of status and criminal protection.

has been the status of

hounds since 1976, The hound saw himselfImplement the provisions of article l.214 of the rural and marine fisheries law. The latter stipulates: “every animal is sensitive and its owner must place it under conditions that meet the biological requirements of its species.” But most importantly, hounds, like other dogs, have a special legal status because they are sensitive creatures. Since the law of 16 February 2015 on the modernization and simplification of laws and procedures in the field of justice and internal affairs, a new revolutionary provision, articles 515-14, has been introduced into the civil code, which stipulates that “animals are sensitive organisms. According to the law on animal protection, animals should abide by the property system. ” Therefore, judges can use this article to actively develop the daily life of hounds. Sometimes hounds are regarded as a pure leisure activity.


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to hound

Among other things, owners or owners of hunting dogs can be prosecuted on traditional criminal convictions under the criminal code. This includes the crime of serious abuse or cruelty (art. 521-1), the crime of intentional injury to animal life (art. R.655-1), and the crime of cruelty to animals (art. R.654-1) (article r.653-1)

Finally, is it necessary to really apply articles 515-14 of the civil code to recognize that all dogs are sensitive creatures? “Kdspe

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