So that these two dogs stay together, a refuge marries them!

Flowers, decoration, an altar, a party… A marriage worthy of the name… but for two dogs. Two residents of a refuge, found last year. One way like any other to put them forward, and thus facilitate their adoption. I promise, they will never leave each other again!

Jack and Diane were finally able to enjoy their wedding night . Yes, these two dogs of a certain age were able to say yes , in front of a conquered crowd . Their life will now be reduced to big hugs , but also to a few small shouts . Couple life.

So far, nothing will have been spared them. The 2 dogs went through everything . Happiness ? Especially the galley, the misery. They were found in 2018 near the Maine cemetery. They were immediately able to enjoy the comfort of the Kennebec Valley Humane Society . And since no one has come forward to take them back, one can easily deduce that they have been abandoned .

Looks like a real wedding

Still, ending your days in a refuge is not a great end in itself . Jack and Diane deserved better outing. But not separately. The members of the center were keen on it. So a wedding was arranged . It was also and above all a way of highlighting them , thus facilitating a future adoption.

At the beginning of February, the refuge was transformed into a reception hall . White flowers announced the color. In the center of the room, a long carpet was waiting for them. “ Diane was dressed in a veil with a floral collar, and Jack in a bow tie,Stevanie Roy , director of the shelter, told The Dodo.

A future quiet house!

At the altar, the words were brief . The embrace long enough . And their way of saying yes was surprising. Stevanie took it all. Kisses and hugs . The following ? Festive. An evening had been organized . After all, guests had the right to be distracted and to recover from these emotions.

The two lovers cannot live without each other . “ When she is separated from Jack, we see her eagerly awaiting his return. A dance, a sign of excitement, accompanies the reunion, ”says Stevanie . Now the newlywed couple are waiting to find their final home . “ They need a fairly quiet retirement home, free of animals, to live on treats and unlimited love . Long live the bride and groom!


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