A mischievous dog steals the show from a live reporter when he runs away with his microphone! (Video)

MIR24 / Facebook (screenshot)

Journalists sometimes have to deal with the unexpected. On 1 April, Russia, Nadezhda Serezhkina became steal his microphone by a dog while it was live. The video made more than one smile.

The MIR24 correspondent did not expect such a hilarious event in her career. And it was not an April Fool’s Day! While she appeared on the air as part of a press release last Thursday, an unexpected guest appeared in front of the camera, recounts The Dodo . A prankster Golden Retriever threw himself on Nadezhda Serezhkina’s colorful microphone, only to flee, satisfied with his new catch.

MIR24 / Youtube

A live chase with the Golden Retriever

The professional, very surprised, did not lose her cool. Determined to recover her precious accessory from the jaws of the four-legged gallop, she immediately set off in pursuit. Of course, his cameraman hasn’t lost a single crumb. In the TV studio, the presenter tried to save the day by bringing up another topic.

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After this astonishing theft, the young woman reappeared a few seconds later on the screen alongside Martin , the microphone robber. The animal was very affectionate and wanted only one thing: to play. The final footage shows Nadezhda Serezhkina smiling, stroking the Golden Retriever, visibly proud and delighted with the spotlight. The duo parted ways on good terms, after a good handshake.

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